Udaan is not just a name Udaan it is a feeling of empathy for the poor people who do not have clothes to wear, do not have two meals a day and have no employment to survive.


Udaan Welfare Trust

We work to inspire the youth and the community by giving them hope to living happy sustainable lives

Udaan means- a flight of spirit. Udaan institution was formed on August 28, 2016! The organization was named Udaan Welfare Trust for the purpose of flying in the life of the flight's name, Udaan is not just a name Udaan is the emotion of sympathy for the poor people who do not have clothes to wear, do not have two meals a day and have no employment to survive. The flight took off to fulfill this purpose, now Udaan is a registered institution. The main purpose of Udaan Sanstha is to fulfill the main need of the poor people for bread and cloth, for that the organization provides education to the children who are from very poor family and are living in slums or for some reason or other, they do not read And to make women self-sufficient by giving them free training so that they can run their home easily, and the flight raises voice against them and gives justice to them.


We envision a world of equality, peace and harmony where every individual has the freedom and right to live the life they want with all equal opportunities presented to them.


We with Udaan want to take our country and its underprivileged citizens to new heights by giving them the wings to soar high with confidence and honour.




Mamta Saxena


Mrs. Mamta Saxena is the president of Udaan Welfare Trust, where she has been teaching as a teacher for the past 20 years, and taking time out of her busy schedule to educate the financially weak children, not only that, many women and girls are also training under her by making batches of dholak, learning the technique of sewing and art of mehndi, Mrs. Mamta quotes "we have started the mission education project for the children who are unable to take education due to lack of money".


Dr. Hina Mathur


26-year-old Hina Mathur making women independent in society It is said that if you want to find God in today's age, then live for humanity. You can attain God by helping the oppressed and the orphans. Some such people present in the society are making their successful contribution.


Nitin Mathur

Joint Secretary

Advisory Panel

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Pawan Sharma


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Himanshu Saxena


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Rajveer Sheoran Badhra




Madhu Chakraborty

State Coordinator


Deepak Pudheel

Organization Minister



Social Worker


Praveen Gulati

Publicity Minister


Dushyant Bhati


Deepak Brijwasi


Ranveer Singh


Kapil Garg Brijwasi


Yadrim Maithil




Vishnu Agarwal


God sends us to help someone only when he considers us worthy of that work, refusing the help of someone is the same as refusing the work of God. So if anyone asks you for help then according to your strength do help them. Because,God himself has chosen you for this work. Some believe that Dr. Hina Mathur ji, who lives in Faridabad, is emerging in the society as a best social worker.Hina Mathur through her NGO Udaan Welfare has given skills to 3000 women and girls till now, due to which those women are now living their lives in a very comfortable and self-respectful manner. Hina Mathur is building the future of all women under Udaan Welfare Welfare. In these NGOs, all these women and girls are sewing, training in parlours, they are giving free training. Women are becoming self-sufficient and standing on their feet after receiving this free training. After joining the flying Welfare NGOs, all these lives have now come into their own hands. And among these NGOs, most of those women are also those whom the society has denied its important control and tortured them and kept their skills under control. But now a full effort of Hina Mathur is proving to be a life for those women too. Now all women and girls are flying their dream flights by flying wings. Heena Mathur ji, who runs Udaan NGOs, spends her entire day, week, month and whole year to these NGOs. Even Hina Mathur all his festivals, and his entire family's birthday orphanage. People living in the old ashrams and slums and celebrating with Mundabird children. Hina Mathur says that all the happiness of life that I get in spending with these people is not found anywhere.

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